Graduate School Application Essay Consulting & Editing

Writing an effective statement of purpose takes attention to details, imagination and experience. These are the skills I bring to the task of helping you write a strong, attention-getting and successful essay.

As a former graduate school dean I speak from experience when I advise students about graduate school applications.


  • Consulting is at the heart of the editing process. My work with you begins with a telephone conversation! Because a collaborative editing process leads to the best essays, I want to talk to you about your statement of purpose’s draft, your résumé, your graduate school goals, and about how we will work together to insure that your application is outstanding.
  • Working with me you will not be assigned to an anonymous recent college grad from a bullpen of writers.
  • My fee is not based on word count, the number of editions your essay goes through or how many conversations we have. I charge a flat rate; our work together is finished only when you are satisfied with your essay.


  • As an editor I will encourage you to expand ideas or add information that will show you to better advantage, advise you to remove distracting or unnecessary parts of the essay and help you to rethink and reimagine your entire essay if that is necessary.
  • Within 48 hours I will return a revised copy of your statement of purpose with suggestions for changes incorporated into it using MSWord “Track Changes” or via GoogleDocs.
  • We will continue to work together — talking or emailing as your essay evolves — until you are satisfied.

My editing is respectful and responsive. I do not ghost write. The essay is yours; it is about you, it must reflect you and academic integrity demands that you are its author.

Even if you have high scores on the GREs, GMATs or other standardized examinations, if you are applying to a top tier graduate or professional program your peers have usually done as well as you have on exams and also have high GPAs. This is why your essay matters so much. Everything you can do to personalize your application and help to make it memorable will make you more competitive.

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